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Virginia Laser Engraved Christmas Ornament - 3" Tall Birch Wood

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Introducing the Virginia Laser Engraved Christmas Ornament, a must-have addition to your festive decor! Crafted from 1/8" Birch wood and delicately engraved in-house, this ornament is guaranteed to draw attention with its stunning design.

The ornament stands at a height of 3 inches and measures 2.75 inches in width, making it the perfect size for any Christmas tree or other decorative displays.

But what sets this ornament apart from the rest? Let's dive into its key features and benefits:

  • Authentic Laser Engraving: Each ornament is meticulously laser engraved, ensuring precise detailing and a high-quality finish.
  • Natural Twine for Easy Hanging: The included natural twine allows you to quickly and effortlessly hang the ornament wherever you desire.

With its sleek design and top-notch craftsmanship, this Virginia Laser Engraved Christmas Ornament promises to be a showstopper on your holiday tree. Celebrate your love for Virginia or share it as a thoughtful gift for friends and family.

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