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Rose Key Fob with 550 Paracord and Red/Green Design

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This Rose Key Fob with 550 Paracord and Red/Green Design is a stylish accessory that will make a statement wherever you go. It's not just a keychain, it's an expression of who you are!

With our Paracord Survival Key Fob, you'll always be prepared for any situation. If you find yourself in an emergency, simply unravel the key fob to reveal its incredible strength. Made from high-quality 550 Paracord, this key fob has a whopping strength of 550 pounds! Plus, each inch of the key fob is equivalent to a foot of cord, giving you plenty of cord length to work with.

Handmade by our talented artisans, Abigail and Noah, this Paracord Key Fob is crafted with care and attention to detail. Rest assured, all the Paracord used in this product is proudly made in the USA.

Here's what you'll love about this Rose Key Fob:

  • Durable and strong: Made from 550 Paracord, this key fob can withstand any adventure you embark on.
  • Eye-catching design: The red and green color combination adds a pop of vibrant color to your everyday carry.

Elevate your style and be prepared for anything with this Rose Key Fob. Get yours today and show off your personality and preparedness in one handy accessory!


  • Materials:
    • 3 feet of Red 550 Paracord
    • 5 feet of Green 550 Paracord
    • 1.5" Silver Metal Lanyard Hook
    • 1" Flat Key Ring