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DNA Key Fob Made with 550 Paracord and Silver Metal Lanyard Hook

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Create a unique and personalized key fob that showcases your personality with our DNA Key Fob made with 550 Paracord and a sturdy Silver Metal Lanyard Hook. Choose from a wide array of vibrant Paracord colors to create a key fob that truly represents you.

Our Paracord Survival DNA Key Fob ensures you are always prepared for any situation. In the event of an emergency, simply unravel your key fob to access a strong and versatile 550 Paracord. This multifunctional cord boasts an impressive strength of 550 pounds, providing you with a reliable tool by your side. Plus, each inch of the key fob is equivalent to approximately a foot of cord, making it a valuable and resourceful accessory.

Every Paracord Key Fob is meticulously handmade by our skilled crafters, Abigail and Noah. With passion and attention to detail, they create each key fob using high-quality Paracord sourced from the USA. You can trust in the craftsmanship and durability of our key fobs, knowing they are made to withstand daily wear and tear.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 550 Paracord: Each key fob is crafted using 4.5 feet of your chosen Paracord color, providing ample length and strength for various uses.
  • Silver Metal Lanyard Hook: The 1.5" hook securely attaches your key fob to your keys, belt loop, or bag, ensuring easy access and preventing loss.

Looking for a two-color key fob? Check out our 2 Color DNA Key Fob for even more customization options.


  • 550 Paracord: 4.5 feet of color choice
  • 1.5" Silver Metal Lanyard Hook
  • 1" Flat Key Ring